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Job Standards Policy

Eskore Digitals are expected to follow federal and provincial employment standards law, which sets the basic standards for employment, such as rules governing working hours, overtime, vacation time, statutory holidays, and termination.

Health and Safety

ESKORE DIGITALS are expected to create a safe and healthy working environment for our employees. This involves having policies in place to identify and minimize workplace dangers, providing health and safety training, and establishing reporting systems for workplace accidents and injuries.

 Policy For Harassment

Eskore Digitals are obligated to provide a workplace free of discrimination and harassment based on protected grounds such as race, gender, sexual orientation, and religion. There should be policies and procedures in place to address complaints and offer a framework for investigations and resolution.

Code Of Conduct

Eskore Digitals may have a code of conduct in place that sets the expectations for employee behavior in the workplace. Guidelines on professional conduct, conflicts of interest, and the use of business resources may be included.

Internet & Social Media

Eskore Digitals may have policies in place regarding the usage of technology and social media in the workplace. These may include standards for privacy and confidentiality, as well as instructions for proper use of work email, internet access, and social media accounts.


Eskore Digitals follow federal and provincial privacy legislation when collecting, using, and disclosing personal information. Our Company may have rules in place regarding the processing of personal information, such as procedures for getting consent and dealing with privacy violations.

Compensation & Benefits

Eskore Digitals may have pay and benefits policies, such as standards for wage increases, bonuses, and vacation time. Benefit policies may include information on health and dental care, retirement savings schemes, and disability benefits.

Employee Privacy Policy

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