Client Privacy

Client privacy refers to the protection of personal information gathered, used, and shared by Eskore Digitals in the process of delivering marketing or advertising services.
It entails rules and practises that protect the privacy and security of customer information while also preventing unlawful access, usage, or disclosure.

A client privacy policy defines Eskore Digitals’ procedures on the collection, use, and disclosure of client information, and includes information on how the information is acquired, used, shared with, and protected.

Client privacy is crucial for Eskore Digitals to develop trust and sustain strong relationships with clients, in addition to complying with regulatory requirements for privacy. It contributes to the Eskore digitals’s reputation as a respectable and trustworthy company that respects its clients’ privacy.

Employee Privacy

Employee privacy, according to Eskore, relates to the protection of personal information and employee rights in the workplace. It entails rules and procedures that safeguard employee information privacy and security, prohibit unlawful access or use of employee information, and respect employees’ rights and privacy in the workplace.

An employee privacy policy defines Eskore’s procedures for the collection, use, and disclosure of employee information.

It provides information on how employee data is collected, utilised, shared with, and protected. Employee privacy is critical for Eskore to maintain a healthy work environment and build employee trust and participation, in addition to complying with legal privacy regulations. It contributes to the agency’s reputation as a responsible and courteous workplace that cherishes its employees’ privacy and rights.

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